Lyndsay Rose- Founder/Director/Educator

Lyndsay graduated from Millersville University with her Bachelors of Science in Art Education. She currently is working towards her Masters in Art Education with a focus in Special Populations from Moore College of Art & Design. Lyndsay has taught art for the past eight years with her main focus in under served populations. She has taught at the Lancaster County Youth Intervention Center and the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. Lyndsay is a practicing artist working primarily in painting, printmaking, ceramics, and collage.

Besides teaching, her joy in life comes from her three children and husband. Lyndsay loves to celebrate birthdays, read ghost stories, thrift store shop, run with her dog, and can homemade goods from her garden.

Matthew Tingler – Director of Operations

Matthew graduated from Thaddeus Stevens School of Technology. As a carpenter and contractor for more than 20 years, Matt’s main focus in his trade is helping build and repair homes and communities around the world. He has served villages in Latvia, Lithuania, Honduras, and the First Nation’s reservation out West.

Matt enjoys playing sports and keeping active. He likes to repair cars and build his own custom furniture. Matt enjoys spending time with this three children and wife, reading, creating music, and helping wherever he can.

Stephanie Brown- Director of Marketing

Steph Brown was born and raised in York, Pennsylvania, where she discovered at a very young age that she’d rather be creating than just about anything else. Through the years, pencil drawing, pen & ink and colored pencils became her favorites, which led to teaching in the back room of her art supply shop in order to share her enthusiasm of creating with others. 

In 2008, Steph moved to Virginia, and continues to teach a variety of art classes and workshops to all age groups in Mathews, Gloucester, Kilmarnock, Yorktown, and her home studio in Bohannon.

There is no moment when we are not creating. As both a creativity coach and teaching artist, Steph works with students to dissolve limiting thoughts or beliefs that prevent them from realizing their fullest potential, inviting them to rediscover abandoned aspects of self and explore passions in this creative process called Life. She honors the sensitive and non-linear nature of creative beings and those who wish to shape their lives in an authentic way through the expression of creating.

No stranger to the pain and isolation that depression brings, Steph encourages her coaching clients and students to engage in creativity as an unspoken language. The process of creating allows people with depression and anxiety to achieve a sense of independence and self-sufficiency, break through dysfunctional thought patterns, develop healthy coping mechanisms, achieve greater empathy, and strengthen their problem-solving skills.  When we create, we heal.

***Please note- Our staff are licensed teachers and artists. If you are are in need of a therapist or professional psychiatric help, please contact a licensed provider to further help your needs.**